Clinique Saint-Jean / Kliniek Sint-Jan

Clinique Saint-Jean / Kliniek Sint-Jan

Our patients: they’re part of our DNA. We are there for them, and they give us so much back:

The end of chemo is here!

I offer my sincere thanks to the whole department – from the lovely secretary, who was always welcoming and full of empathy, and the person in charge of the meal trays, who was so kind and considerate, to the nurses, not least the coordinating nurse, who listened to my every concern and always provided reassurance. Thank you all for your wonderful care. I know how stressful and tiring your job can be, but for us sick and vulnerable patients, you are invaluable in your unwavering support, always there to see to our every need, question and fear. Without you, this would not have been possible. I hope that the next generation of nurses will live up to your infinite wisdom and dedication. I also hope you manage to find a small moment of respite during your hectic day, over a cup of coffee and with one of our sweet Belgian treats.

Our human scale: it’s part of our DNA. The medical and paramedic teams work closely together around each patient, offering comprehensive, personalised care. In practical terms, this means that their case is analysed using a multidisciplinary approach, by specialists working in consultation with other departments. It is this approach that sets us apart, thanks to our twenty specialist clinics – including our Psoriasis Clinic, a first for Brussels!

Working on a human scale means fostering connections between colleagues and maintaining excellence while handling hundreds of thousands of cases per year. In terms of figures, working on a human scale, combined with our controlled approach, means 548 beds, 13,000 standard hospitalisations, 25,000 day hospitalisations, 1,800 baby deliveries, 50,000 emergency cases, 382,000 consultations and 13,000 operations. And caring for these patients are some 1,800 of the very best personnel!

Brussels: part of our DNA for over 800 years! Founded in the Middle Ages as a general hospital, the clinic that became the Clinique Saint-Jean is now the oldest in Brussels, characterised by the spirit of dedication and self-sacrifice of its original carers, the Congrégation des Sœurs Hospitalières Augustines (congregation of Augustine Hospital sisters). Today, these values are underpinned through multiculturalism, inclusivity and a willingness to listen to people’s differences.

High standards: they’re part of our DNA – achieved through a continuous process of development at all levels. Our cutting-edge treatments make use of the most modern, often pioneering technologies. This effectiveness is also underpinned by our successful collaboration and exchanges with our partners, namely the H.uni network and other players within the Brussels healthcare sector.

And our infrastructure is not in danger of being left behind, either. Since 2019, the Clinique Saint-Jean has embarked on a master plan to better enable our carers to fully devote themselves to our patients. This has seen us completely refurbish the maternity unit, dialysis centre and Domino child psychiatry unit. We have also set up a new polyclinic, a parent-baby psychiatry unit, a craniofacial clinic, a mother-child unit and an oocyte aspiration unit. [A1] Soon to be added to this list are the refurbishments of the radiology and nuclear medicine units, the extension of the physiotherapy facilities, and the establishment of a complete technical platform, bringing together interventional cardiology, fertility and digestive and bronchial endoscopy in a brand new environment.

Behind the scenes, we have embarked on a series of far-reaching modern improvements that have put the Clinique Saint-Jean firmly on the path towards reducing its carbon footprint, while offering the highest level of safety within the sector. For example, we have invested in an intelligent electricity generator (an exclusive innovation made possible by the joint efforts of three partner organisations), and have installed four new gas boilers that have already reduced our energy consumption by 25%. Colleagues representing each department and/or role meet regularly to jointly develop ambitious ways of reducing our carbon footprint and overall environmental impact.

Our partnerships: they’re part of our DNA, integral to Clinique Saint-Jean. We are constantly recruiting to add to our teams and meet the new challenges facing our clinic. Here, we encourage collaboration from all sides: medical, paramedical, administrative, technical, IT, logistics, technical, social, support, volunteers, etc. We even have a urologist testing kiwis in supermarkets – we like to get our often very serious messages across with a degree of humour [video link].

The final word? It belongs to our patients:

[…] I have so many wonderful memories of my time in hospital. [my children] were all born in your clinic. Every time I went in to give birth, I felt perfectly looked after, backed by top-quality care. It's just over a month since my last visit to give birth and I'm still nostalgic about my stay. It was so relaxing and uplifting. Truly, the level of care is beyond compare, as is the level of attention provided by the nurses and midwives. And that's not to mention the level of comfort of the room and bathroom – the shower was such a source of relaxation! With this email, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the staff on the maternity ward for their professionalism, kindness and humanity. I wish you all the best.

See you soon! :-)

P.S.: Want to know more? Call Vanessa on 02/221.96.80 or Frédéric on 02/221.90.78.



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Clinique Saint-Jean / Kliniek Sint-Jan
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